A Busy Few Months

Folks, we haven’t posted in a while because *wow* have we been busy. Below you will find just some of what we’ve been up to.

Atty Wood is litigating a murder case along with the BC Innocence Program involving a false confession, strong evidence of innocence, and a juvenile who testified that police coerced him to accuse the defendant.

Attorney Wood and Attorney Jellison recently achieved a positive result for a Boston-area student in a Title IX case. The student is relieved and will be able to continue their education.

Attys Nathanson and Shih are litigating a murder case where the main witness claimed a gang member urged others to kill on the day of the murder. We proved this witness was locked up on the day of the meeting & murder.

On March 22, we had a strong presence at the @masscrimdefense conference. Attorney Wood presented on challenging false confessions. Attorney Nathanson presented on challenging jailhouse informant testimony.

On April 4, Atty Jellison argued before the SJC that all juvenile cases against 11 year old children should be dismissed even if they were already pending on July 12, 2018 when MA raised juvenile jurisdiction to 12.

On April 11, the SJC agreed to hear Atty Jellison’s argument that all disrupting-a-school delinquencies must be dismissed even if pending before the legislature abolished that offense, a key part of CJ reform.

On March 13, the SJC agreed to hear Atty Malm’s argument that, among other things, appellate waivers in cases involving the Dookhan scandal are invalid.

Finally, our super-intern Anna Shaddae Rodriguez will become a public defender with CPCS and will receive the @MassBar Holmes Scholarship for commitment to indigent representation. https://bit.ly/2IyCR5Q