Wood & Nathanson, LLP is a small law firm specializing in criminal defense, the defense of students charged with misconduct in the college and university setting (sometimes known as Title IX cases), and minimizing the collateral effects of criminal convictions. We provide our clients with the highest level of representation by combining the specialized knowledge and individual treatment of a boutique criminal defense firm with the experience and accomplishment of a national firm. As leaders among the criminal defense bar, we regularly work with some of the largest firms in the nation to advance the interests of our clients while also moving the law forward.

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Our first involvement with a new client is normally a call from someone who has been arrested or a call from their family. They are scared and do not really understand what will happen next. We understand that. We take the time to explain to each client what they are facing and what they can expect. What you can expect from us is dedication, knowledge, personal attention and a zealous defense.

Over the years, we have developed a few core beliefs about how we should represent our clients.

First, we believe in standing up to the government, stepping in between them and our clients. Fortunately, we have a powerful ally: the Constitution.

Second, we welcome the challenge of representing clients condemned by the rest of society. The more the public calls for our client to be punished, the more determined we are to fight back.

Third, we believe that to represent a client well, we must not only know criminal law, we must also know our clients. We believe we must not only place ourselves in the client's shoes, but also walk a mile in those shoes. As a criminal defense attorney, you have to first understand the client's point of view and then formulate an appropriate defense. This is one reason why we intentionally limit the number of clients we represent. We believe we provide the best defense through great focus, not great numbers of cases.

Fourth, we believe in hard work. Our passion drives us to work hard at each case, defending the constitutional rights of each client. Good intentions do not get the job done. We follow through. We never stop striving to achieve the best possible results for each client - the best defense without exception.

Fifth, we believe in knowledge. Passion and hard work only get you so far. We believe that our knowledge sets us apart. We strive to be among the most knowledgeable members of the criminal defense bar. Our criminal defense focus and our hard work means that we have researched, briefed, and argued a very wide range of issues. You will see from our partner profiles that we do not keep this knowledge to ourselves. We often present what we know to other attorneys and to community groups. We do this because a well-informed bar and a well-informed community is the best way to honor our constitution and to protect the rights of all.


Our entire practice is criminal defense. That allows us draw on our wide range of experience with issues that arise in a criminal case, both common issues and unique ones. More importantly, we have earned the trust of our clients and colleagues through years of staunch and sophisticated advocacy.