Attorney Post in the Boston Globe on Sonja Farak / Hinton Scandal

Attorney Christopher Post was quoted in today's Boston Globe regarding the Hinton Drug Lab scandal. The Inspector General essentially ignored or underplayed the misconduct of Sonja Farak while she was at Hinton, but she appears to have been worse than Annie Dookhan.

“Attorney Christoper Post ... said the number of drugs she analyzed should have been a red flag for the inspector general...she analyzed more drugs than anyone in the history of the lab 'It’s hard to see how they couldn’t have spotted it.'”

The challenge to the Hinton / Dookhan / Farak scandal has always been a huge team effort between public defenders, private defense attorneys, and the ACLU. We are very proud of the important role that Attorney Post has played in that effort, particularly in identifying and pinning down Farak’s misconduct at Hinton.

An expert statistician’s report commissioned by Attorney Post regarding Farak’s misconduct at Hinton can be downloaded here.