Chauncey Wood

Chauncey Wood is a criminal defense attorney with over 20 years' experience. He is a partner in the Boston law firm of Wood & Nathanson, LLP, and a Board member of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL). Mr. Wood was selected for the 2015 Massachusetts Super Lawyers List in the area of criminal defense.

David Nathanson

Attorney Nathanson has specialized in post-conviction criminal defense since 1997. He has also provided representation in trial-level cases as minor as trespassing and as serious as double-murder. He was a solo practitioner from 1997 until 2001, when he joined the Committee for Public Counsel Services as a staff attorney in the Criminal Appeals Unit of the Private Counsel Division. In 2005, he became the only public defender in the history of the Massachusetts public defender's office to win a case in the United States Supreme Court.

Matthew Malm

Matthew Malm has been involved in criminal defense since 2008 when he worked as an intern for the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS). While interning at CPCS, he developed an interest in post-conviction litigation and pursued this interest throughout law school—working, among other places, at the Massachusetts Superior Court, the Ohio Supreme Court, and the Appeals Unit at CPCS. This path eventually led him to Wood & Nathanson, LLP, where he started working soon after graduating from law school in 2011.

Meredith Shih

Meredith Shih has spent her entire legal career in criminal defense.  She joined Wood & Nathanson in 2016 after spending four years as a trial attorney in the Quincy office of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, where she practiced in various courts throughout Norfolk County.  There she gained extensive trial and motion practice experience, litigating cases ranging from minor misdemeanor offenses to serious felonies, including sex offenses. 

Christopher Post

Christopher Kirby Post is a criminal defense attorney who is committed to exonerating the wrongfully accused.  Christopher’s work in recent years has focused on strategic litigation in complex cases involving thousands of indigent defendants.  He has made contributions to such cases as Bridgeman v. District Attorney for the Suffolk District and Committee for Public Counsel Services v. Attorney General, which combined led to the dismissal of over 30,000 drug cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  He also has experience at the trial court level, having worked for several years in the public defender’s office.